Peace Restaurant

Peace Restaurant serve African and American International delicacies, Where friends and families come together to enjoy themselves  with great food and entertainment.

Over 30 uniquely blended spices

Here at Peace Restaurant we strive to make your visit an enjoyably and memorable experience

We strive ourselves to make your visit and food experience one of the best in the world


severed with all of our soups


Try some of our Malta from our home land


Over 30 different herbs and spices utilized

African and American International Delicacies is a place that friends and families to come an enjoy them-self with great food and have to have a great time. We strive ourselves to make your visit and food experience one of the best in the world because of our delicious you will surely come back for more and don’t worry you will receive enough to take home. They’re more than 30 differences type of spices utilized to uniquely flavor our tasty delicacies.



Nigerian Meat Pie – delicious snack filled with Vegetable and meat.

Nigerian Meat Pie by the tray  $50 – $60

2 Beef steak 2 Chicken 2 Meat Pies, Moi-Moi.

Fish Pepper Soup – A zesty broth made with a fillet of Tilapia. Spicy or Mild .

Pot of Fish Pepper Soup for $120 – $140

Goat Meat Pepper Soup – A savory broth with slowly simmered goat meat and blended peppers. Spicy

Pot of Goat Meat Pepper Soup for $150 – $170

Nigeria Meat Pie delicious snack filled with Vegetable and meat.

DUN DUN (fried yam slices/yam fries) with stew and meat.


Fried Plantain and choices of meat (Goat, Fish, Beef or Chicken).

Tray of Sweet Fried Plantain for $40

Jollof Rice – West African rice cooked in a savory tomato sauce.

Tray of Jollof Rice for $60 – $80

Rice and Stew – Boiled whole grain white rice served with stew.

Tray of Rice and Stew for $60

Bean and Plantains – Stew black -eyed peas served with fried plantains.

Tray of Bean and Plantain with Stew for $70

Nigerian Beans and Rice.

Nigerian Fried Rice – with rice a mixture of vegetables, the most popular rice.


24. Children Drink.

25. Bottle Water.

26. Soda Bottle.

27. Coffee.

28. Hot Tea.

29. Lemon Ice Tea.

30. Malta/ Malt.


31. Egusi Soup – ground up seeds (from pumpkins, squashes, etc) mixed with spinach.

32. Taushe – Peanut stew with a blend of herbs and Nigerian spices.

33. Ogbono Soup

34. Fresh Okra Soup – blended Okra in a savory sauce.

35. Efo Riro – A rich Yoruba style vegtable soup.


Come with French Fries, Rice or Meat Pie

36. Fresh Chicken Tender.

37. Fresh Chicken Wings.

38. Fresh Chicken wings and tenders.


Children special Meal

For any of your choices thank you

39. Hamburger with French Fries and Drink.

40. Cheeseburger with French Fries and Drink Fries.

41. Rice with Meat and Drink.

42. Chicken Tenders with French Fries and Drink.

43. Rice and Beans with Meat and Drink.

44. Jollof Rice with Meat and Drink.

45. Egusi soup with pounded Yam or Cassava with Drink.


96. Eba – Fufu made from cassava.

97. Pounded-Yam – Fufu made from yam.

98. Farina – Fufu made from corn flour.


99. Fried Fish, Fried Plantains & Spicy Stew.

100. Puff Puff – one tray.

101. Seasoned Cooked Stockfish- Dried, aged Codfish, considered a delicacy.

102. Fried Yam – with meat.

103. Shrimp Kabob.

104. Nigeria Yam Porridge – Yam mixed with peppers, tomatoes and onions, a tasty healthy meal

Peace Restaurant is the Delicacies offer a unique culture services specializing in authentic African food and American food they are many more difference international selection menu planning and superior services Catering services are available with three weeks advance prior to all event and date. Deposit of $ 150 the remaining balance is due one week prior to the Evert date. We are committed to our customer 100% satisfaction and we provided the highest quality food services and really fat free. We acknowledge our entire customer and it’s a privilege to have you all thank you. Please remember we do Birthday, wedding, party, special occasion and more call for more information 603-261-4194