Peace Restaurant



“Peace” is a Joyfully Nigerian food delicacy. Peace meat pie is a delicious snack filled with vegetables, potatoes, minced meat, ground beef, garlic, onion and much more. Peace meat pie is the best in the world.  Peace experience knowing how to make this  gorgeous meat pie come from working with his three (aunts) that had a restaurant back home in Nigerian, so as my early age I started coming close to them.  Helping them out with everything they needed to done. Sometime early morning preparation as I was doing its so as I was learning and they teach me too because I was one of their favorable nephew unto today.


Peace become a  refugee in 1994 because of war in River State Nigerian /Ogoni people for a movement again head government shell paying the government of Nigerian millions of dollars to bring their army to kill us and take our oil.  So for the danger of my life and my family we where fault to evacuation to a city call Benin where we still for one year and half.  By 1996 we where approved to come to Until State of American State N.H.   so as a Nigerian that had passion to cook and sale my first job were in a restaurant that I started in 1999 at ‘Ollie’s restaurant the own saw the passion in me and take a chance to give me the job I work there for 2 years. Today my restaurant is about one minutes drive away from them in the some road to God know my heart I didn’t plan to open a restaurant close to them but that is the only place I can find for less.


The reason why I open this peace restaurant is because I had a problem at my job that I work for over ten years plus. They wear not treating me right and I suffer bad shoulder pain. So decide to start my own business first African restaurant were in my mind deeply as a young man that ground up in the state of N.H. for the pass 18 years. But I wanted to do a different business like hair product but the deal agreement didn’t when through. So as me and all my different brother and sister where talking they say open an African restaurant and before that I had talk to my wife about its years ago.  Peace Restaurant is owed operated by Deinma and Grace we both are a great chef that love to cook and our early age of learn with passion pay off. Grace learns to cook from many talented cooks in her family. Her signature dish is ‘EGUSI SOUP’ is our number sale soup with the meat pie. Peace Restaurant is the first to open in the State of N.H. SO Please come to enjoy one of the world best meals . Thank you.

“Great Ogoni people” THANK YOU.















  • Care for our customers 100%
  • Service 95%
  • Customers Approval Rate 95%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90%